European Kickboxing Champion REVIEWING the European Car of the Year 

3008 Review

European Kickboxing Champion REVIEWING the European Car of the Year


When the "European Car of the Year" met the "European Kickboxing Champion"

As a (he tells me😀) valued customer of Kevin Egan Cars and with Kevin sponsoring my kickboxing daughter, Kevin asked us to review the all new Peugeot 3008.
As a mother of 5 you can imagine the use that the family car gets with all the activities in the house, from school, shopping, football, kickboxing and just general runs, the 3008 was a pleasure to drive.
Firstly, i must say, this a good looking SUV. I received plenty of compliments as i did the weekly sports runs to the football and back. I really liked the driving position and panoramic roof means that the cabin is light and airy. The cockpit  is fully stocked with high-end tech, from DAB radio, Bluetooth, Apple Car Play and an 8in touchscreen that is placed high up on the dash.
There is plenty of room and for my gang, LEG ROOM, to accommodate my 6 footers. The central arm rest has plenty of storage space underneath and this is so cool, its air - keep your lunch cool!
Boot space is adequate for buggy's, shopping,and sport bags. 
Let's talk safety, this car has plenty of bells and whistles, with blind spot warnings , parking sensors, seat belt reminders ( great for kids) and a speed limit display (i'm told i need this).
You may be wondering how did i fit the 5 kids in, well i didn't. The test involved just myself and my three daughter's. Ruth, my eldest daughter who won the European kickboxing championships this September, enjoyed being chauffeured around in the 3008 for the weekend.
When handing back the keys of the Peugeot 3008 on Monday morning, Kevin informed me he had just got in a Peugeot 5008, a 7- SEATER!! 
Cant wait to get the whole family into it, and sure we may as well follow it with a video review !
Aine Conlon-Oates

Exciting News We Can FINALLY Share!


We have some exciting news we can FINALLY share with you!

We’re about to embark on what was inevitably the next step of the Kevin Egan Cars Journey.

Earlier this summer we started developing a 3-acre site which we purchased 200 metres from our sales yard in Carraroe which we plan to open later this year as the:

New Peugeot Dealership for Sligo, Leitrim & Roscommon

Financially, this is a huge step for us but one we are very happy and excited to take on. Representing a major brand such as Peugeot will bring with it some pressures, with standards to maintain but we’re confident the levels we have set ourselves and adhered to over the last few years will bode well for us and hopefully we will find it a walk in the park.

Used Cars will still be our main focus as this is our Identity, this is what we love and what we are good at! From a customer point of view nothing will change, we have the same staff, we will stock the same variety stock for EVERY MAKE & MODEL and we still plan to offer the same unrivalled service and value we always have!

Zero Percent (0%) is our target for how many of you, our current database we wish to be driving New Peugeots but you are more than welcome to come in and view the exciting award-winning range.

We will sell 800 used vehicles this year and for the foreseeable future we plan on reaching those levels, while at the same time, spreading our wings and expanding our customer reach and achieving Peugeot’s Market Share targets in all 3 counties.

We want your business now, and we’ll work even harder to keep your business going forward.

It’s exciting times ahead, and we look forward to seeing you all in our new premises soon!

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Thank you for your continued business and remember our main aim going forward is to remain 

the best place for variety, choice and value for used cars in the North-West!

Diary of a Junior Sales Executive!

Chapter 2

Aoibhin Kiely

Well well well, it’s been an interesting few months since my last blog. A lot of changes, a lot of improvements and of course, a few more “whoops” along the way but that comes with the job, Right?

My college results landed mid-way through the summer, which was an indication and a “light-bulb moment” that the full-time work and full-time college was becoming too demanding and not sustainable. I really thought long and hard on what to do regards my future, If I’m not giving 100 % to something I’m passionate about I’m not happy.

I had three options: 1) Leave my job to finish college! 2)Leave college to stay in my job but give up my personal goal of getting a Business Degree.

But thankfully I have a knack of getting my way around things. Option three was stay in my job but do my degree online in the evenings part time. It’ll be demanding yes, but it’ll be more manageable than what I have been doing the last two years.

It’s safe to say I’ll be keeping busy anyway & For every problem, there is a solution! I wish I could tell myself that when a problem arises like sending an invoice to the wrong finance company (Whoops).

So, In the last few months what did I learn?

1.     Confidence: One thing a customer relies on and trusts. If I’m not confident in what I’m selling they won’t feel confident enough to hand over the money and trust us to do business. I need to sound as though I know what I’m talking about. The usual scenario when I walk out onto the forecourt “Hello how are you, is there anything I can help you with? Ah yes, I was wondering can I speak to a salesman in relation to this car! Well Sir, A sales woman is going to have to do you” If he laughs it off he’ll be a bit of craic, if his face stays stern you’re in for a tricky one. But stay poised and confident, trust will shortly follow. (Trust me)

2.     Punctuality: It’s on my CV that I’m punctual, but sure looka, it says I’m into art as a hobby too. Everyone’s CV has a little white lie somewhere. I’m always a last-minute person for everything. Even when I try be on time something always happens, flat tyre, stuck behind a tractor, and more often than not I can’t find mascara (yano yourself). But in the last couple of weeks the stress-free mornings between no college and getting up that little bit earlier, I’m in at “around 8:30” in comparison to 8:59. Getting paperwork organised and setting some sort of a structure for the day ahead helps a lot. Note: Not hitting snooze 10 times helps here. We are all guilty of it!

3.     Presentation: I never thought dressing myself every morning would be such a task! Women need more credit in this industry for how hard it is to pick outfits that are “suitable”! It’s another job in itself. I can’t just throw on suit trousers and the same shirt with a different tie every day. Men have it handy! I on the other hand learned maybe it’s best not to wear white jeans to work. I wore them one Saturday and Mr “Smart Ass” O’Loughlin said, “Aoibhin there is a call waiting on line 1, Its Joe Dolan looking for his pants back” the joys of being the “junior”. To be honest, him being so old and all, I didn’t even know who Joe Dolan was, so the joke was a little delayed until I used the trusted google search!

All joking aside, Presentation is key when selling a car. Looking professional and well-kept is essential but not just your own presentation, the presentation of the stock is also key. Washed, hoovered, smelling nice, tyres slicked, parked straight and neat! You never get a second chance for a first impression. When the customer you spoke to over the phone calls in, make sure all the above boxes are ticked, along with no fuel light illuminated on the dash. God forbid you wouldn’t want the car to run out of fuel on a test drive AGAIN!!!! now would we? (Whoops)

4.     Time Turnaround: One of the most important things I’ve noticed and learned over the last year! Once a finance application comes through GRAB IT, CALL THEM, PROP THEM. The idea of a new car is hot in the customers head once they submit an application form, once accepted the excitement of the prospect that a new car is within reach means that the closing of the sale is a natural progression.

5.     The Assumptive Sale: Something Mr “Smart Ass” O’Loughlin here is brilliant at. Basically, ringing the customer telling them they are accepted for finance and “Right ya boy ya, when do you want the car delivered?” …Maybe him being a little (a lot) older and more experienced he is able to read the situation and the customer better. It seems to work a lot for him, I need to practice a little more. As I said in the last blog, I still hear those words every day “Wax on, Wax off”.

6.     The “Stop Talking” Method: Sir Kevin Egan’s favourite two words STOP TALKING. A typical scenario is something like:

Me: Hello Sharon, I’ve great news, I have you accepted for finance at €321 a month with a 2-year warranty and a service plan. The car is ready for sale it just needs an NCT and is booked for tomorrow at 3:15, So I can have you in your new car by 4pm. (STOP TALKING)

Hopeful response: (Thinking in their head they’ll be in a new car by tomorrow) That sounds great Aoibhin.

Me: Great I’ll go ahead and get cracking on the finance docs for you. (STOP TALKING)

Hopeful response: “Brilliant, See you at 4pm tomorrow”.

Me: RAISED HANDS IN THE AIR and a Calm tone in my voice, “No problem Sharon see you then”.

Note: A thing to remember after the excitement of the sale is to actually bring the car for the NCT and not let yourself forget!! As I’ve said plenty of times and I’ll say it again, Whoops…

Now that doesn’t happen exactly like that all the time. If it was that easy we’d all be in this game! But essentials like, Quick time turnaround, Confidence when talking and most importantly a team of people making the whole show run smoothly behind the scenes is what it takes!

We here at Kevin Egan Cars have a team of people that all have independent jobs to make things click and tick correctly. Someone to picture the cars, someone to service the cars and someone to wash and park the cars. Without that whole operation happening behind the scenes, things wouldn’t be as smooth.

Now that operation is being changed and improved on a daily basis, because we are constantly evolving and improving as a whole! You can never sit idle and stay the same even if things are going good! You need to change and evolve in order to stand out and be different from the rest!

One of our most frequent sayings in our office is “Every day is a learning day in the car trade”.

I’ve been in this industry now for just over a year. There’s been moments along the way where I feel I’m 31 not 21... There hasn’t been one day that’s been the same, no customer the same and no deal the same, and I absolutely love it. It keeps you on your toes. Oh, and the company car this month to was a nice wee bonus. It’s a diesel, isn’t it? (Whoops)



My First, First Quarter In Car Sales


Aoibhin Kiely

So, it is the end of April and its only now that I’m getting a moment to write about how I got on in my first, first quarter in car sales. It’s an accurate representation of how busy I have been. Along with 7 exams in the second stage of my Honours Business Degree. Busy Busy Busy, but would I have it any other way? Of course not!

A quick recap:

Back to work the 4th of January and exams started the 5th. It’s fair to say my time management skills were badly needed here. I was mad to work and get the buzz of selling cars but also wanted to pass all my exams and do well. Trying to find the balance of work and college is still a little tough but the countdown to summer is on. In the end, I didn’t do too bad balancing both and did a lot better than I expected in my exams. Kevin and Marks patience with me running in and out of the office for exams and college along with dealing with all my mistakes along the way are second to none.

In the last couple of months my job has been a bit of everything. Selling cars is one part of the job, But there’s so much more people don’t realise that goes on behind the scenes. It’s not just as easy as selling a car, shaking hands and on to the next one. There is so much more to it. Some of the extras include: Sourcing cars, email enquiry’s, loading warranties, VRT, printing reg plates, fuelling cars, washing cars, organising NCT, (yes, I’m still going) answering phones, customer chauffeur, customer hostess, organising staff photoshoots and updating the website, designing posters for the office, Hand over packs and Yard Signs, Going through finance applications, Dealing with the mountain of finance administration and getting the deal from proposal to pay-out. The list goes on.

To say I’ve learned a lot and love my job is an understatement. Here’s a quick low down of some of the vast things I’ve learned:

We have a certain business model here at Kevin Egan Cars, And I realised quite quickly that every small detail on a finance application form counts when proposing to our various banks. Car reg needs to be right, Date of birth needs to be right, payslips need to be in sequence and if you’re like my sales manager Mark, then you need to know the finer details like what they had for breakfast that morning. (believe me he’s that thorough)

I learned that it is probably a good idea to take a customer’s number after a phone enquiry. Otherwise the 2014 White Insignia is "kind of" sold to a lady from somewhere in Ireland, who is coming for a test drive tomorrow and I dont know anything else. (Whoops)

I learned that its seriously important to make sure you double check whether a trade in is diesel OR petrol. Otherwise you end up with an extremely expensive 1.4 Skoda Octavia on the forecourt. (Whoops)

I learned that it takes two people to park a car. (Otherwise, body-shop bills go up a little, yet again I find myself saying “whoops”) So anymore, one person to drive the car and one person to line you up because it’s all about the presentation. #straightlinessellcars

I learned that it’s a really good idea to write down figures you’ve given to customers. Especially the cash paying customers. Otherwise it’s a guessing game when I’m counting the cash, and that’s a game I don’t excel in. Let’s just say there’s been a couple of times where I counted the cash AND THEN did the paperwork. It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg scenario, thankfully I’ve had honest customers…. So far!

I learned that its probably wise to double check reg numbers before I print them and stick them on a car.

And finally, one of the main things I learned is that assumption is the mother of all F*** Ups

Am I the only junior sales person to make mistakes like these? I doubt it! Listening to Cathal and Kevin tell their stories makes me feel a little better. Maybe some of my biggest mistakes are yet to come. Slowly learning that mistakes are not the problem until you make the same mistake twice. However, if I hear Cathal aka Mr Miyagi tell me “Wax on, Wax off” one more time I am going to scream.

But thanks to the team around me, I’m really starting to learn the art of selling a car to someone. The usual, they come in wanting a yellow Ferrari but they drive off in an affordable Focus. It’s all about managing the customers’ expectations. Some funny stories to follow this blog, Stay tuned!

I have learned so much in my first quarter of car sales and it has been an experience I’ll always remember! The commission too, that’s something I wouldn’t mind getting used too! 


Thanks for the Business !!!


Thankfully I have lot of great customers! Loyal walking talking advertisements for Kevin Egan Cars,

One of them is Mustafa Buk, himself and his wife Adina collected their Land Rover Discovery Sport from us Friday Afternoon.

Nothing unusual about that, however it’s how we arrived at this point that makes me proud.  We all have been looking for one of these cars for at least 6 months, Mustafa kept persisting calling, Texting and ringing “any news boss?”.

Mustafa owns BEST Kebabs on Castle street, he runs a really good business, to make him understand how difficult it was for me to find one of these I told him “me looking for one of these, is a bit like me going to your kebab shop and asking for a Chicken Szechuan ”, I’m a car dealer but I don’t deal in high end vehicles no more than he’s a Chinese take away, But he still wanted to do business with me.

A week had passed and I hadn’t heard anything from my Turkish friend when the phone rang, he found the exact car he wanted himself , with excitement in his voice he says “I found the car,  talk to the salesman and you buy the car for me” he passed the phone to the sales person in another dealership (Stuarts in Dublin) and within in a few hours I had a deposit paid on his behalf.

Mustafa could have easily dealt with Brendan in Stuarts direct but he respected the time I put into trying to find him a car, and more importantly he wanted to keep his business local as he knows only too well how important that is, however he still didn’t roll over and pay his deposit he still squeezed me for every last penny out of the deal!  but he was entitled to do it for his loyalty.  

Mustafa, Adina, we wish you the very best of luck with your new purchase, thank you for the business and we wish you every success with BEST Kebabs, anyone reading this post after a night in Lola’s why not go in and see Mustafa and his staff and see can he rustle ye up a chicken curry, tell him Kevin sent you :-)

Breaking up with Carzone, Is there plenty more sales in the sea? #KEC360



It’s been 7 years, 7 months, 7 days & I’m going to say 7 hours to make it look dramatic, all the 7’s is a coincidence but that’s how long Kevin Egan Cars was on Carzone, it was my longest and best partnership and it will take a while before someone over takes it.

I haven’t come off Carzone because they’re too expensive either , I still believe they offer value and a decent return on investment, the reason is simply efficiency, we’ve grown a hell of a lot over the last year and we now offer over 100 vehicles online at any one time, to get these to market isn’t easy & its very time consuming to do it right, since 2009 I have used Carbase, carzone’s portal to get cars to market, this meant the cars reached carzone first and then my website, the politics to get cars online now is frustrating with the main players Carzone, Cars Ireland & Done deal all refusing to take each other feeds which makes it very hard to get cars to market on various sites easily, it means double and treble work in cases and this is made all the more frustrating knowing there is one rule for one and another rule for others , Unless I hired ANOTHER person to get cars online we couldn’t continue to advertise on multiple sites, I needed a solution.

My solution for this was obvious, I needed to create my on feed so I could control where my cars were advertised, I have invested just over €70,000 on a turntable and hardware to take photos , this sounds like a lot of money (it is)  and madness but once I park the car on the turntable, Graham presses a button and in less than 5 minutes that car will be on Kevin Egan Cars, KEC App, Cars Ireland, Done Deal, CBG & whatever else I can add too, the photos are of incredible quality and have amazing consistency, on top of all this it’s a simple process to send this to anyone I wish, unfortunately Carzone just couldn’t be arsed returning my calls to get added to the above list, Maybe they don’t want my business? nevertheless their customer service is questionable “I’ll get back to you on that” is a typical response over the last few years both from the area rep and the office,

However funnily enough what was very efficient was their cancelation team, they were very helpful and the process was seamless, which obviously shows it’s something they are getting plenty of practice at recently.

Nowadays the other main players have caught up and dealers have jumped ship, I spoke to one of their competitors last week and I asked “ How’s things going competing with carzone, are you starting to catch up?” with the response being, “Carzone? Are a joking me, we’re looking back over our shoulder at them, its ………. We’re concentring on overtaking now”,

During 2009 – 2012 they were untouchable with no one able to compete, but in my opinion they’ve pushed dealers away with their price increases and poor service but to add to that they’ve also ruined the customer experience on the site, which has let others catch up but that’s a story for another day!  

My new feed created by DMAC Media with the help of Motorcheck is seamless and works perfectly with our new hardware. The other huge advantage our investment has given us is the generating of a 360 degree spin of each car, which in my opinion is again another game changer, with well over 70% of my website traffic now on mobile you can scroll around the car and look at every angle of the car in one image rather than flicking through multiple ones , its class and I’m in love with it, hopefully my potential customers will be too! Once we are clear on how to perfect the process I can’t wait to chat to others and see can they embed our 360 spin on their sites rather than just having it on mine.

If you haven’t already, it would be worth your while heading across to Kevinegancars.ieand seeing the new website in use, I’m sure you’ll be impressed and see it was money well spent. I’d love to hear your feedback so feel free to contact us through the website or in the comments below, criticism and improvement ideas are very much welcome too.

Do Retail Customers Really Save Money Travelling to the UK for Cars ?


I've regularly imported cars on a weekly basis for the last 6 years now, and yes it's been made a lot easier to do so in the last few months.

Last week driving from Dublin I couldn't help but notice a lot of yellow plates on the road! Clearly something that wouldn't happen if they were purchased from dealers like ourselves as we're not allowed to let the car leave unless it's VRt'd etc. 

People are travelling & Dealers like me are loosing business and it's mainly all because of media hype!  I'm not entirely convinced people are making massive savings though ! I'm the type of eejit who can drive Sligo to Dublin with no radio on, with only my own thoughts to listen too! 

I started adding it up the costs involved ! Like the master card advert would:-

2 Days holidays from work €300

Flight to U.K. €100 

Boat home €450 

VRT €2000

Another days holiday to arrange paperwork and appointment for VRT €150 

Buying the right car priceless ! or is it? 

Why would someone spends 10's of thousands on a car and not have a solid warranty to back up the purchase with peace of mind ? 

In the last few weeks we had two people in our workshop 

One girl got "great value" on a Opel Astra, but once she got it home she found out it wasn't serviced and the timing belt was way over due, so now her  great value plus €800 is only OK value, and she still has no warranty! 

Another guy bought a 5 series for €3000 less than the local price, but now needs a set of run flat tyres priced at €1200 and it has a leaky air conditioning radiator which only God knows how much to replace, and again he still has no warranty. But here's the best thing,  he can't sell his trade in for what HE thought it was worth (because he's the expert) & now can't pay the VRT because he owes the finance company more than what the car is actually worth, he's now in danger of having his car lifted by customs because he's driving around on U.K. Plates (with bald tyres) that saving of €3000 will be well swallowed up by the time he sells his old car.

Some car dealers will give out , moan and feel sorry for themselves because they can't compete with the Uk prices , but I won't because I don't have that problem , we've had an unreal year because we do things right, we're professional, we offer good products and excellent warranties and sell cars quickly, already I've cleared out and Sold all my pre brexit cars, all the stock I now have I've bought at new sterling rates, I'm already passing on the savings, I just need the media to tell people that, car dealers who bury their heads in the sand and hold on to their expensive stock will have a real issue like they had in 2008 & 2009 , others will roll their sleeves up , embrace change and get on with moving their business forward ! 

The quicker they do that the quicker we will have a level playing field with the UK.

Kevin Egan Cars has UK vehicles at post Brexit prices , I'll take trades ins I'll arrange finance, I'll give a warranty and I'll offer award winning service you'd expect from the Irish car dealer of the year,  if we don't have what you're looking for , pick up the phone and see can I get what you're looking for ,

we want your business!

How We Sell



How we Sell has changed so much since I started in the motor trade,
I remember every Monday getting the newspaper adverts ready for print, some weeks we’d even be Cocky and advertise a few cars with “Sold” instead of a price, just to show how cool we were!

 Nowadays of course its online, but online sales hasn’t been around for that long, the first thing I remember doing online via a website was watching the twin towers fall on that’s only 15 years ago, I also remember the first car I sold from a website it was two years later, an Audi A4 to a guy from Wexford, I met him on the side of the road in the lay by the Sligo side of the Mullingar bypass, it was revolutionary to say the least!

 Back then of course it was a pain in the ass putting cars up online, we used to make the Junior sales guy do it as it wasn’t that important, we had about 200 cars in stock (Martin Reilly’s) and maybe 20 online, but we had really flashy newspaper adverts with the difference that Reilly’s actually paid extra to have the advert in colour. My second month in Reilly’s I sold 13 Punto’s off our advert which read “Fiat Punto’s €25 per week” I’ve still yet to see anything that generated as much showroom traffic as that in one weekend, the town of Sligo was polluted with Punto left right & centre! 

 Online is the only place to be now, and a cringe when I see a message to ring back a newspaper who have a “Motoring Supplement” the following month, two years after opening KEC one of these newspaper rep’s called around and told me “I Think your stupid not advertising with us, think of all the local business you’re missing out on”, my response “Why, have people in Sligo no internet? ”.

 I now have one guy employed 39 hours a week, solely to populate cars on my website, we didn’t even print business cards for Shaun but he’s our first & most important salesperson, we all know a good salesman & a bad salesman, well good pictures & bad pictures are just the same, having him there all week allows him to concentrate on our shop window, making sure every attention to detail is up to date and accurate from clear pictures & videos to Spec & mileage on the car. We’ve recently spent €6000 on our shed to make it look brighter, we’ve put in a wooden floor and suspended ceiling it sounds mad, but I bet it will sell us more cars!

 All the initial hard work of course needs to be backed up by competent sales people and in Mark, Cathal & myself we have just that, I’m sure we let a few deals slip through our fingers but I believe we are well equipped staff wise to capture as many deals as we can, only expanding the team now I feel will gain us more sales,

Reputation and repeat business is a big thing for us now too, our customers are now ready to change again and if we’ve treated them right we’ll have that opportunity to go again, our reputation is growing too off course, people know the service we offer, we supply good quality cars, offer a two-year warranty and are a company which isn’t new anymore, where people before might of been apprehensiveand wondered whether we would still be around this time next year to honour our warranties!  

Selling can also start long before the person thinks they’re going to change their car, how you conduct your self on a daily basis in Public, in Sports with family & friends will always help you sell more cars, ALWAYS REMEMBER “PEOPLE BUY, OFF PEOPLE”, Good manners & politeness goes a long way,  in a restaurant always be nice to the staff, tip well & be courteous, service industry staff buy cars too, and more importantly so do their family, friends & customers , maybe not that day but some day, if you’re an ignorant prick they’ll go elsewhere without even thinking about you, always give yourself an opportunity just to be put in the frame, remember you can’t sell to everyone but just having an opportunity is better than nothing at all.

 Playing football, 3 years ago we used to win some games & draw and loose a few more, coming off a football pitch, it would be the usual handshake and but it was followed nearly every game by one opposition player “hey, I was on your website and I seen a car” my first year running the team we finished mid table and Mark and I sold 6 cars on the pitch, being polite here also helps if a goal keeper makes a good save acknowledge it, if a good goal is scored by opposing player, tell him it was! it goes a long way and it’s the small things people remember, we’ve won the league the last few years now (Unfortunately) and winning comes at a price, instead of buying cars off me now they just want to kick me around the pitch!

 Remember what I said “People buy off people”, Kevin Egan Cars is a unique a place, it’s relaxed, we’re down to earth people and we show that we appreciate your business, we’re not thinking of selling you a car today, we’re thinking of doing a good a job now so you remain our customer for life.

 Sell yourself and build relationships and the rest will follow suit!


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Posted by Eimear Golden on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Kevin Egan Cars are fantastic to deal with. I was so glad when out car shopping we happened upon this dealership.Cathal...

Posted by Patricia Reidy Walsh on Thursday, 3 March 2016

I highly recommend Kevin Egan Cars.I was dealing with Cathal and was easy to talk to and got us a great car and was...

Posted by Siobhan Mcgowan on Wednesday, 14 September 2016

I'm just gonna copy and paste what I text Kevin after I got my car I have 4 words for u .... I LOVE MY CAR .... We are...

Posted by Trish Kelly on Friday, 28 October 2016

Highly proffessional set up. Delighted with the service i received. Thanks Lads

Posted by Richie Sutton on Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Very professional and Easy to deal with always willing to help you and know trouble getting back to you. I will and have recommended them a 1st class service all round.

Posted by Philip Leyden on Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Would recommend kevin Egan cars to everyone best car dealer ship in Ireland been dealing with cathal who works there for the last two years.. what a man!!!! Keep up the great work guys!!!!!

Posted by Steven Richard Kerrigan on Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thanks again Cathal for all your help.I would highly recommend Kevin Egan Cars

Posted by Leanne Curran on Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Thanks to all at kevin egan cars. I got my 2012 toyota avensis last month and i couldnt be happier. Nice one lads. Ill be buying here from now on.

Posted by Niall Murtagh on Thursday, 22 December 2016

Mark is a pleasure to deal with would highly recommend these guys. travelled from cork for the car and will do again for the next one,great service.

Posted by Paul O Leary on Saturday, 23 January 2016

Really happy to of got our dream car all with the help of Cathal , he was really easy to talk to and really helpful .Highly recommend these guys

Posted by Nici Fanning on Saturday, 7 November 2015