We are proud to be a Main Dealership
for Peugeot, We are used car experts and we
have an award winning team.

Kevin Egan Cars Main Peugeot Dealer

We were established in 2009, Kevin having seen a niche for buying and selling used cars that people wanted. The internet sales were kicking off and the right stock coupled with a good website with properly displayed cars & information was quickly becoming the new way to research & purchase cars. As the world was coming to terms with a recession Kevin focussed on building a business with a fresh portfolio of stock and things just pushed on from there. The workforce doubled the following year with now Co-owner Mark Walsh coming on board.

In 2013, still a two man team, the lads picked up the Irish Car dealer of the year award. It was based on the presentation of Stock & online sales & followed up by detailed accounting practices far exceeding anything else in the used car business, this is what put us on the map and it was the first of multiple awards we won over the next few years.

Things kicked off from here and banks took an interest and backed the boys to grow the business, by the end of 2015 the staff had grown to 8. We had a functioning after sales business and vehicle stock of 60 units, a far cry from 2009 with 3 cars parked at the side of the house.


Experienced Team

Having consistent long serving staff is the key to running a good business and although our staff keeps growing we're proud to say more than 50% of our Staff are with us more than 5 years, for a young business we see this as an achievement and are proud of the fact when you come to work with us, you want to stay and every morning you get to come in you enjoy coming through the gate. Being happy at work is what grows a winning team.