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The Car Valeting Centre at Kevin Egan Cars 

When it comes to Cleaning your car we want to keep things Simple.
We want to offer a Professional Service, with Good Quality work being our core value.

Believe it or not, we have been doing Car Valeting in Sligo for over 10 years now, but we have only been doing our own Sales cars. Now that we have moved to our new premises in Carrraroe we now have the space to offer the car valeting service & car wash facilities to our existing customers and the rest of county Sligo.




The Wash & Hoover

Its Exactly as it says really 

Your Vehicle is hot washed with Foam.

Your Wheels are Treated with Wheel Cleaner.

The Whole Vehicle is Hand Cleaned & Rinsed down.

The Seats and Carpets are Hoovered, with the Mats removed

Price 19.95

The Test Drive

Our Mini Valet

All Our Vehicles need freshening up from time to time
And here is what we do for our Mini Valet

Everything involved with a Wash & Hoover Plus :

A Wax rinse on the exterior.

Wheels & Tyres are Dressed.

The Windows are Cleaned & Polished.

All the Interior Plastics are Cleaned using an anti bacterial agent.

The Vehicle Is Fully Sanitized.


Price € 39.95


The Forecourt

Our Full Valet

Your Vehicle get's everything a Mini Valet receives plus : 

​All the Seats are removed if necessary 

​The carpets and seats get a full wet-dry hoover & Vax 

​The Sunvisors and roof cloth are Cleaned & treated.The Spare wheel is removed & the boot get's fully cleaned.

​The full engine bay gets degreased & cleaned down.

The exterior gets de-tarred & a full hand polish is carried out.

The bumpers are dressed & the wheel arches are treated.

 The vehicle is fully sanitized and handed back to you looking just like it did the day it left our forecourt.

Price : Call in for a quote


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Our Mission 

To provide a Professional car cleaning & valeting service in Sligo. We want to keep things simple and only offer a small menu of services which keeps in line with our own business needs to manage a perfect workflow and service for our customers. In doing this we should be able to achieve an efficient service with high standards.
This will be an important step to reaching our goal of being a professional outfit with the main aim of having a business that encourages repeat custom.


About Cleaned 

Over the last decade or so we have used local valeting businesses and seen them and others open & close within short periods of time, with only a select few surviving long term.

Having a valeting business as a bolt-on to our existing business always interested us but we never had space to convert the idea to reality, We did however watch these businesses with interest, and a common theme always persisted in why they closed. We like to think we've learned from the guys who closed in a short period and more importantly the guys who made a success at it.

At Kevin Egan Cars we now have the space to offer our valeting service to the public. We have Planning permission and we know how to run a business correctly. Over the last number of years, we have been running our own in-house valet as a separate business and we have built up enough information to understand what prices we need to charge to make the business work.

We are fully aware we will not be the cheapest place to get your car Valet'd or Freshened up. We don't want to be!
We want to offer you the best value.
With our simple pricing Menu and appointment-only service, we promise to have your car looking pristine, ready on time, and presented back to you in a professional manner.

Our waiting rooms will be heated with tea & coffee facilities while you wait and you will be presented with a detailed invoice for any work we carry out. 
Furthermore, to give you more added value while your car is here we will check your car over for basic maintenance requirements 
and quote you on any work we feel you may need and we will do our best to ensure Kevin Egan Cars will be your one-stop shop for all your motoring needs.  


Why the Name CLEANED?  (Kevin's Story)

You would like to think it's for the obvious reason and the simple fact is that you get your car Cleaned, But it's more than that.

We hired a nice guy to work in our valeting department a long time ago, he was very pleasant a great worker, and he's still a friend of the dealership. the job just wasn't for him. 

I used to leave my car up to be freshened up maybe once every two weeks,
I got the car back and it was washed and hoovered, presentable & ready for the weekend. I passed no heed.

But this one time I went to collect my car,
I saw it parked and ready & I thought to myself "Jesus that's a nice looking car". 
I then sat into it and I smiled,
It wasn't "washed & hoovered' this week, it was "Cleaned" 

Shiny Steve our longest employee had spare time between full valets do go at my car this week and what a difference it made. the Quality of the workmanship turned out was simply something we had to teach the other members of our valeting team.
I Don't get excited about cars anymore but that day I got a little bit of joy seeing my car look so well, I smiled and admired my own Peugeot 508GT. I wanted others to enjoy that experience and I told Shiny:-
"We're gonna open a retail valeting business, we're gonna turn out work like that so customers can feel like I feel today & we're gonna call it CLEANED @ Kevin Egan Cars"

You'd like to have thought Shiny was delighted with the compliment but his famous parting words were "oh No, what have I got myself into" :-) 

Hopefully, our customers will get the same feeling I got that day & you can all tell your friends and family I got my car CLEANED @ Kevin Egan Cars today