Its always positive to get a review from a customer whether it be good or bad. If it's a 5 star review then its good to know we have another customer willing to let others know they can have the confidence in doing a deal with us. If its lower than 5 stars we then have the opportunity to see where we fell down and we can improve.

We have chosen to display Google reviews for our website as we feel this is the go to place for the majority of people, we have some negative reviews to see here, but we're confident we have addressed the issues on why we got them and improved our systems. we also have some reviews put there by keyboard warriors which we feel are unjustified too but we're confident we don't have to brush these under the carpet and hide them from new customers, Feel free to ask us about any review should you have your doubts about us. We have nothing to hide and are very confident we are great people to deal with and we pride ourselves on this.