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Great Deals on U.K. Imports 


Thank you for visiting Here you will find freshly purchased cars from across the UK from reputable auction houses and wholesale suppliers. All our stock has been purchased after the UK voted to exit Europe and therefore they were all purchased at the new, favourable sterling rates.

This website and advertising campaign is to show you there is value here in Ireland, on your door step. I have the UK cars at the new Sterling rates, and better still, I will deliver direct to your door free of charge. On a daily basis, we have 100+ cars in stock. We might not have a car for everybody but we can source a car for most people. What you see on our website is what we know sells fast for us & what we can trust to be reliable. If your next car isn't here just give us a call and we'll see if we can help. Do keep in mind our website represents our core business and what we like to call our ‘business identity’. If you’re looking for a Mercedes C250Cdi Grey, with Red leather & White Stitching Auto with Low miles & bags of extras (an actual enquiry) it’s a magician you need not a car dealer. Basically, if you see a car on our website and want something similar, as in another type of 7 seater, a different colour, lower mileage, higher spec we will be able to help!

'We know the market both sides of the border and more importantly we know where the value is'

This is where Kevin Egan Cars differs from other car dealers. We change our stock on average, every 45 days. This keeps our yard fresh with all the latest models available at their current market value. Some car dealers will moan and give out about their customers going to the UK to buy cars and not being able to compete. 

I haven't joined the "if you can't beat them join, them brigade", I’ve been importing cars for 7 years now. Instead of getting their heads down, working hard at selling their overage stock many dealers will simply hold onto their cars and make the Irish car market look expensive. Couple this with the current media hype, of course customers have every reason to shop in the UK. 

Points to Note when buying a car in the UK

When buying a car in the U.K. keep these important facts close to mind:

Break Down Assistance 

Cars break down every single day regardless of mileage, condition and whatever badge is on the front of it. So how will a dealer in another country be able to help? Or where will their desire be to help?
If you buy a car from us we will look at it as the start of a relationship! We want you back for your car service, your tyre’s and your next car. We put a lot of effort into making that happen, do you think you will build a relationship like that with someone in another country? 

Car Finance

This is a service we provide in branch. It's so simple. We can have you motoring in just 3 hours from finance proposal to handover. When dealing with UK cars, Irish banks won't release funds until it has an Irish registration and they will only send to an Irish bank account. This may force you into getting a personal loan rather than a car loan which is never a good idea long term.

Trade In's 

If you're looking to buy in the UK you more than likely have a trade in. Valuing your current vehicle is a tricky business for individuals, with sentimental value often distorting a person’s perception of their cars worth (I see this on a daily basis). Secondly, finding a customer to buy your old vehicle can be tough, particularly with the rising insurance costs on old cars. 

History Reports 

There is no point checking out a UK cars history report on an Irish Car history website. The information is inaccurate, simple as! Dealing with professionals takes that hassle out of it and gives you peace of mind that the car you are buying is mileage verified, crash history verified and more commonly that your new car is free from vehicle finance.


The most important point I want to stress! Why would you spend tens of thousands on a car and not have peace of mind should something go wrong? Even when buying a fresh car with a manufacturer’s warranty on it in the UK, getting your car repaired here in Ireland isn't straightforward and some dealers won't want to deal with you at all. This year Kevin Egan Cars will sell over 750 cars with 80% of my customers choosing to avail of our 2-year warranty, the other 20% with a 1-year warranty. I've often stayed awake at night wondering why the 20% didn't choose to avail of a second year’s warranty at such a low price, so you can imagine how I feel when a car is sold with no warranty at all.

‘We want to help purchase your next car, take a minute to browse our stock and remember the added value you get when buying local.  And don't forget, our warranties are national so when I say local I mean the 26 counties’.



Our Cars come with

- A hassle free VRT Process

- A valid warranty to use in your local dealership

- Trade in option for your current vehicle

- Finance Options

- Prompt delivery to your front door

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2019(191) Peugeot Partner
2019(191) Peugeot Partner
Mileage: 1
Trans: Manual
Engine: 1.6 Diesel


Price: €16450
From €~~carFinance~~ per week
2016(161) Opel Corsa
2016(161) Opel Corsa
Mileage: 22281
Trans: Manual
Engine: 1.3 Diesel


Price: €12950
From €~~carFinance~~ per week
2018(181) Peugeot 208
2018(181) Peugeot 208
Mileage: 24816
Trans: Manual
Engine: 1.6 Diesel


Price: €16950
From €~~carFinance~~ per week
2019(191) Peugeot 508
2019(191) Peugeot 508
Mileage: 3602
Trans: Manual
Engine: 1.5 Diesel


Price: €30950
From €~~carFinance~~ per week

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