Our Mission

To provide a professional car cleaning & valeting service in Sligo. We want to keep things simple and only offer a small menu of services which keeps in line with our own business needs to manage a perfect workflow and service for our customers.

In doing this we should be able to achieve an efficient service with high standards.
This will be an important step to reaching our goal of being a professional outfit with the main aim of having a business that encourages repeat custom.

Choose from one of our services below.

The Wash & Hoover

It's Exactly as it says really

  • Your Vehicle is hot washed with Foam.
  • Your Wheels are Treated with Wheel Cleaner.
  • The Whole Vehicle is Hand Cleaned & Rinsed down.
  • The Seats and Carpets are Hoovered, with the Mats removed

Price: €19.95


The Test Drive

Our Mini Valet

All our vehicles need freshening up from time to time.
And here is what we do for our Mini Valet.

Everything involved with a Wash & Hoover plus :

  • A wax rinse on the exterior.

Price: €39.95


The Forecourt

Your vehicle gets everything a mini valet receives plus :

  • All the seats are removed if necessary
  • Your Vehicle is hot washed with Foam.
  • The carpet and seats get a full wet-dry hoover & Vax
  • Wheels & tyres are dressed

Price: Call in for a quote


Why the Name CLEANED?

(Kevin's Story)

We had a nice guy working in our valeting department, he was very pleasant and a great worker. the job just wasn't for him as he didn't enjoy what he was doing.

I got my car freshened up maybe once every two weeks and he used to do it for me. I would to get it back washed, hoovered, presentable & ready for the weekend. I passed no heed until this one time I went to collect my car. I saw the car from a distance and thought "Hey, that's a nice looking car". I walked up looked around it and then sat into it and I smiled, It wasn't washed & hoovered this week, it was "Cleaned".

The difference this week was Shiny Steve our longest serving employee had some spare time to go at my car, the Quality of the workmanship turned out was simply something we had to teach the other members of our valeting team. it was visibly better from a distance. That day I smiled and admired my own car & I wanted others to enjoy that experience.

"We're gonna open a retail valeting business Shiny & we're gonna turn out work like that so customers can feel like I feel today & we're gonna call it Cleaned @ Kevin Egan Cars.

Hopefully, You will get the same feeling when you have your car CLEANED @ Kevin Egan Cars.