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The Peugeot 3008

The Peugeot 3008 was first launched in late 2017 and was the first of a new breed of Peugeot. It brought the brand out of the dark ages & made people turn their heads and look twice at the ever-present French brand again. Coincidently the launch of the NEW 3008 coincided with our own Peugeot Dealership launch and neither of us have looked back since.

In 2021 it got a mid-cycle facelift which added the now famous LED front Lion fang lights to its bumper and Lion Claw design to the rear lights making it distinctive from it’s competitors.

The 3008 now comes in 3 different trim levels, the entry level Active model which we don’t sell a lot of, the Allure model which is very popular and finally the GT model which adds that extra bit of flair for people who want to stand out.

It also now comes in 3 different drive trains offering you the power of choice:
1.2 130bhp Petrol,
1.5 Hdi 130BHP Diesel
1.6 180BHp Plug-in Hybrid (Jan 2023 Production)

Peugeot - 3008

Some changes are being made to the 3008 for 2023. The 1.2 Petrol engine is being replaced by a mild hybrid version which will make the vehicle more economical, cleaner and lower the emissions which will drive the price down in Ireland as it will come with a lower VRT %.

Peugeot are also stepping up their efforts to help their customers over the next few years to transfer into fully electric vehicles with ease. From 2023 the 3008 will no longer offer a manual gear, it will only be available in Automatic across all their drivetrains.

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