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Car Service Pricing


'Unfortunately, no two cars are the same and it is very difficult to do a pricing menu but I promise, ourselves and our web developers are working on it!'

We do not want to get into a pricing war on service! We would prefer to have the job done right, with QUALITY parts fitted by our QUALIFIED technicians so we try and stay away from the €99 car service as this isn’t a car service. It is basically an oil and filter change with a quick look over! I'd always be concerned here as there are many different suppliers who can make the same oil filter but some are of lesser quality and not for the purpose intended, same applies for oil. You can get high-quality grades and very low-quality grades and when using the latter this could lead to serious problems down the line for your engine’s health.

Pricing wise, if you have bought a used car from us recently and this is your first service an average price would be €180. The reason for this is simple, we prepared the car to a high standard prior to delivery. We had replaced all filters regardless if they were needed or not, so you now only need a minor service.  

Remember all cars serviced with us receive a FREE wash & hoover before you get it back.  We also provide a FREE drop off service to your home or work or if you choose to wait with your car, the tea or coffee is free too!

We are aware the above may not give you the answers you require but we don’t want to lead anyone up a garden path regarding price. We want to ‘under promise and over deliver’ and we always will encourage and ensure ‘Quality & value’ over ‘Cheap & Unfinished’.  

If you drop us an enquiry or give us a call and quote your registration number we will happily give you a quote.