Meet the Team

Stephen Gilgan

Car Detailing and Preparation

"Shiny" Steve

I use an iPhone, and in my favourites list, Stephen is top contact, that’s how long we go back. When I first started out Stephen used to valet my cars at night, and as things got busier, I was delighted to find, he wanted to come and work with us full time. Shiny loves his job and it’s reflected in his what he does, we literally opened a whole department based on his ability to make people happy by cleaning their cars. A creature of habit which we have all become accustomed, an apple at 11, tea at 11:15 & and nap in his van at 1:30. Sounds weird, but if any of these 3 things don’t happen God help us all!

Never change Stephen & thank you for all you’ve done from day one!