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Kevin Egan - The Boss

Our staff is continuing to grow on what seems like a monthly basis!
I have a wonderful team built up and we all work together to ensure we follow our Company Vision and deliver on our Companies Mission!

I have an award winning team.  Let me introduce you to them!




Irene Armstrong - Finance Administrator

Our longest employee and definitely our most loyal.
The place would'nt be the same without Irene. She can turn her hand to any job in the place, we're sure she doesn't like it but she does it with a smile on her face anyway. She is an integral part in the unbelievable growth of Kevin Egan Cars.



Cassie Byrne -  Host / Marketing Executive 

Cassie , 

She runs the whole show, That is all !  




Simon Young - Valeter






Sheenagh Egan - Service Advisor

Last time I wrote these paragraphs she had just started with us and I said "she was the only woman I was afraid of"....well I can safely say that still stands! She stands up to me, keeps me in my place and minds the business like it's her own (she's my sister she should).

 Her biggest asset is communication. She defintely made a huge impact in our aftersales.                                                                                                                                                                      



John McVann - Technician

When we took on the Peugeot franchise, I was told I was the most important person but right beside me should be my head technician, step up John McVann! We worked together previously with the brand and I knew how good he was around Peugeot. He was exactly what we needed and it was a pleasure to have him on board. He settled in well and is a familiar face for the loyal Sligo Peugeot  customer.



Bobby Egan (My Dad) -  The Real Boss

Saving the best to last, the only man in the place who can say he worked in every single role above. He has dealt with customers, collected cars, helped out underneath them, cleaned them, answered the phones and he gave me some merciful rolllicking's in front of customers and staff when I needed my feet put firmly on the ground over the years. The respect the entire staff have for my Dad is something I'm very proud of. He never say's No to any of them and is always there to lend a hand. They all love him and well they should as without him none of them would have a job with the best  team in the motor industry, cheers Dad!


Mark Walsh - Director

A horse of a worker from the day he started with me, very structured and loves doing things the right way. The New Franchise Dealer model was made for him!  Mark's work ethic earned himself a partnership share in the business and it's a pleasure to call him by business partner and one of the best Friends!




Debora Machado - HR Manager

Dedicated to the cause and does the work of 3 people! With the growth of the business lately I couldn't have done it without her. She's a shoulder to lean on, a voice to listen to and her biggest asset is she'll do the jobs I don't like to do!  She is also Mark's partner which a lot of people don't know which has been good fun in the office on more than one occasion.



Stephen Gilgan - Vehicle Detailing & Preparation

With me from humble beginnings! Anyone with an iphone will know how important Shiny Steve is to me, in my phonebook favourites he's top of the list, even above Stacey! We're married to two sisters and Stephen was always around to lend a helping hand when he could.
Starting out was tough and I couldn't have done it without him. It was inevitable that once we got busy enough, he was going to be an integral part of our pre-sales team. Thanks for everything Stephen!


Kyle Kane - Parts Department






John McGowan - Technician

John comes with a great reputation, while being interviewed he was able to reverse it into him interviewing me.  He said he wasn't interested in a job unless I was interested in him bettering himself through continuous training and development in vehicle diagnostics and fault finding, That's the spirit John!



David Carpenter - Junior Apprentice

Our not so young apprentice who does more than his fair share of work around the garage floor. He's learning a trade which he has a keen interest in which makes it easier. David concentrates a lot on getting our sales vehicles ready for sale and is always working to a deadline. Don't worry David it will get easier.




Cathal O'Loughlin - Sales Manager

A brilliant character and unreal sales person. He's infectous and serious craic, what he brings to the office on a daily basis is priceless. The best compliment I'd give Cathal is that I'd buy off him!