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Introducing The Team!

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you enjoy it and find what you’re looking for. I started business in 2009 and this year has seen a huge increase in the amount of staff we have, so I’d like to introduce you to
“The Team Who Are Here to Help You!”



Kevin Egan – The Boss..!!

Our Staff is growing in what now seems Monthly, I have a wonderful team built

up and we all work together to ensure we follow our Company Vision and deliver on our Company mission,

I have an award winning team and let me introduce you to them!





Mark Walsh - Owner/Sales Director

What can I say, Mark was my first full time employee and now he owns the business with me. It’s a testament to his Unbelievable work ethic, Dedication to customer service, Loyalty & Passion for selling, it’s my name above the door but it’s OUR business and I hope he knows that. 




Cathal O'Loughlin - Senior Sales Executive

Yet another ex-Colleague (can you see my hiring pattern) and hands down the best sales person I have ever met. I’ll give him this title because I’d buy off him in a heart beat , he’s infectious, straight talking & gets the job done fast, you could sit and listen to him talk to customers all day, His energy lifts the office every morning and puts all the staff around him in good form.



Aoibhin Kiely - Junior Sales Executive

Our Junior Sales Apprentice with bags of promise , although we probably wouldn’t let her know this on a daily basis we have huge respect for Aoibhin, she’s an extremely hard worker for us but more impressively, she is doing it all while still putting herself through college. Kevin Egan Cars will undoubtedly gain from her work ethic, short term we’d love to have her around more, but Aoibhin is a worthwhile investment for us and like Kyle she too will run her own business someday! 




Irene Armstrong - Office Manager

The one staff member who doesn’t have a job description, because it would literally be way too long to list, She’s a company woman who loves her job, she makes the office tick and can organise anything required! Cash flow is an important aspect of our job and without her input the business wouldn’t run as smoothly for buying cars to paying the wages. 




Darren Loftus - Pre-Sales Coordinator/Site Manager

My best mate personally out of work , I needed someone to look after our pre sales process and the person needed to be, meticulous, punctual, pushy, a know it all & a bit of prick when it was needed , those characteristics can’t be picked up in a normal job interview, A Stephens day get together listening to him watch football the penny dropped and I had my guy , Darren makes the sales department tick, in football terms he’s the holding midfielder that links the front to the back ,he see’s everything and knows everything in a short period of time he’s an integral part of the sales process working in the background! 



Graham Cawley​ - Marketing Executive

I had known Graham for awhile before he stared with us through our mutual love of Liverpool Football Club, he was a great organiser around our supporters club and brilliant on Social media with a lot of local businesses around town, Positively he’s always there to lend a negative voice and look at what I’m marketing from a customer point of view rather than an employee point of view, between us we make a great team that will only get better 




Stephen Gilgan - Vehicle Detailing & Preparation

With me from humble beginnings anyone with an iPhone will know how important Shiny Steve is to me, in my phone book favourites he’s top of the list even above Stacey, we’re married to two sisters and Stephen was always around to lend a helping hand when he could. Starting off was tough and I couldn’t of done it without him, it was inevitable that once we got busy enough he was going to be an integral part of our pre sales team. Thanks for everything Stephen!  




Kyle Kane - Service Manager

The best thing I can say about Kyle is that he will run his own business some day! Kyle came to us with a good reputation from another local dealership, he knew how important Customer service was in the motor industry, I never worked in an aftersales role in any of my previous employers but I had an idea of how I wanted it run, its by far not the finished article from the inside looking out or the outside looking in but we are working on It. Kevin Egan Cars wouldn’t be the same without our young promising Service Manager.




Sheenagh Egan - Service Advisor

Besides my wife the only female I’m possibly a little bit scared of! Sheenagh is my younger sister and with the recruitment policy I have it only a matter of time before she came on board, its early days so I cant say too much, but I’ve seen her work in customer service over the last few years with the patience of a saint, I hope she’ll enjoy the motor trade and we’ll fill this we Bio in again when she’s with us a little longer, best of luck and welcome to our team 




Anthony Mollohan - Senior Technician

I worked with Anthony for a  short time some years ago, he gets what makes a business tick and keeps the bills paid, Once his CV came in for the role, I was in no hesitation I had my man, with Anthony as workshop Foreman, I had the confidence to build a team around him and grow the aftersales business




Richard O'Loughlin - Fitter

Another ex work colleague turned employee, myself Richard & Anthony all worked together before, they remained friends and when Anthony needed help he called in cavalierly, Richard is an extremely hard worker and pumps out the work on a daily basis nothing is a problem & we’re lucky to have him as part of our team. 




John McGowan - Technician

One of our newest members of staff, John comes with a great reputation, while been interviewed he was able reverse the interview into him interviewing me, he said he wasn’t interested in a job unless I was interested in him bettering himself through Continuous Training and development in Vehicle diagnostics & fault finding , Now that’s my kind of guy ! Best of luck John & welcome to the team




David Carpenter - Junior Apprentice

Our not so young apprentice who does well above his fair share of work around the garage floor, he’s learning a trade which he has a keen interest in which makes things easier. David Concentrates a lot on getting our sales vehicles ready for sale and is always working to a deadline , Don’t worry David it will get easier.







Michael Carpenter - Logistics Operations

Another personal relationship turned into an employee, does the same type of job as Darren in the service department, he does a lot of work behind the scenes people don’t see, but when called upon he can build a rapport with any customer and make them feel welcome.




Bobby Egan (My Dad) - The Real Boss

The best until last, The only man in the place who can say he worked in every single role above, he’s handled customers, collected cars, helped out underneath them, cleaned them, answered the phones & he’s gave me some all merciful rollicking’s in front of customers and staff when I needed my feet put firmly back on the ground over the years. The respect the entire staff have for my Dad is something I am very proud of he never says NO to anyone of them and is always there to lend a hand  , they all love him and well they should without him none of them would have a job with the best team in the motor industry, Cheers Dad!


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide our customers with a Quality service and the best choice & added value on the market. We do this by providing you with the widest possible range of vehicles & additional quality products presented to you with a professional & personalized touch.

We do this because we’re passionate about customer satisfaction, 
We don’t want to just sell you car today, we want to build relationships that will last a life time.

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