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Do You Really Save Money Travelling to the UK for Cars?

June 21, 2017

I've regularly imported cars on a weekly basis for the last 6 years now, and yes it's been made a lot easier to do so in the last few months.

Last week driving from Dublin I couldn't help but notice a lot of yellow plates on the road! Clearly something that wouldn't happen if they were purchased from dealers like ourselves as we're not allowed to let the car leave unless it's VRt'd etc. 

People are travelling & Dealers like me are loosing business and it's mainly all because of media hype!  I'm not entirely convinced people are making massive savings though ! I'm the type of eejit who can drive Sligo to Dublin with no radio on, with only my own thoughts to listen too! 

I started adding it up the costs involved ! Like the master card advert would:-

2 Days holidays from work €300

Flight to U.K. €100 

Boat home €450 

VRT €2000

Another days holiday to arrange paperwork and appointment for VRT €150 

Buying the right car priceless ! or is it? 

Why would someone spends 10's of thousands on a car and not have a solid warranty to back up the purchase with peace of mind ? 

In the last few weeks we had two people in our workshop 

One girl got "great value" on a Opel Astra, but once she got it home she found out it wasn't serviced and the timing belt was way over due, so now her  great value plus €800 is only OK value, and she still has no warranty! 

Another guy bought a 5 series for €3000 less than the local price, but now needs a set of run flat tyres priced at €1200 and it has a leaky air conditioning radiator which only God knows how much to replace, and again he still has no warranty. But here's the best thing,  he can't sell his trade in for what HE thought it was worth (because he's the expert) & now can't pay the VRT because he owes the finance company more than what the car is actually worth, he's now in danger of having his car lifted by customs because he's driving around on U.K. Plates (with bald tyres) that saving of €3000 will be well swallowed up by the time he sells his old car.

Some car dealers will give out , moan and feel sorry for themselves because they can't compete with the Uk prices , but I won't because I don't have that problem , we've had an unreal year because we do things right, we're professional, we offer good products and excellent warranties and sell cars quickly, already I've cleared out and Sold all my pre brexit cars, all the stock I now have I've bought at new sterling rates, I'm already passing on the savings, I just need the media to tell people that, car dealers who bury their heads in the sand and hold on to their expensive stock will have a real issue like they had in 2008 & 2009 , others will roll their sleeves up , embrace change and get on with moving their business forward ! 

The quicker they do that the quicker we will have a level playing field with the UK.

Kevin Egan Cars has UK vehicles at post Brexit prices , I'll take trades ins I'll arrange finance, I'll give a warranty and I'll offer award winning service you'd expect from the Irish car dealer of the year,  if we don't have what you're looking for , pick up the phone and see can I get what you're looking for ,

we want your business!