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European Champion Reviews the European Car of the Year

June 15, 2017


When the "European Car of the Year" met the "European Kickboxing Champion"


As a (he tells meπŸ˜€) valued customer of Kevin Egan Cars and with Kevin sponsoring my kickboxing daughter, Kevin asked us to review the all new Peugeot 3008.
As a mother of 5 you can imagine the use that the family car gets with all the activities in the house, from school, shopping, football, kickboxing and just general runs, the 3008 was a pleasure to drive.
Firstly, I must say, this a good looking SUV. I received plenty of compliments as I did the weekly sports runs to the football and back. I really liked the driving position and panoramic roof means that the cabin is light and airy. The cockpit  is fully stocked with high-end tech, from DAB radio, Bluetooth, Apple Car Play and an 8in touchscreen that is placed high up on the dash.
There is plenty of room and for my gang, LEG ROOM, to accommodate my 6 footers. The central arm rest has plenty of storage space underneath and this is so cool, its air - keep your lunch cool!
Boot space is adequate for buggy's, shopping,and sport bags. 
Let's talk safety, this car has plenty of bells and whistles, with blind spot warnings , parking sensors, seat belt reminders ( great for kids) and a speed limit display (i'm told i need this).
You may be wondering how did I fit the 5 kids in, well I didn't. The test involved just myself and my three daughter's. Ruth, my eldest daughter who won the European kickboxing championships this September, enjoyed being chauffeured around in the 3008 for the weekend.
When handing back the keys of the Peugeot 3008 on Monday morning, Kevin informed me he had just got in a Peugeot 5008, a 7- SEATER!! 
Cant wait to get the whole family into it, and sure we may as well follow it with a video review !
Aine Conlon-Oates