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New Peugeot 308... German Car Of The Year 2022

December 21, 2021

German Car of The Year 2022- And we haven't even got to see it yet ! 


Nobody has even got a chance to see this new model and it already stole the title of German Car of The Year !! 

Equipped with plug-in hybrid engine options and semi-autonomous driver-assistance, oh.. and the usual good looks you'd expect from a Peugeot :-) 

The bonnet swoops down to create a lower looking nose than before, while beneath has a new, larger grille wearing that lovely updated badge. A strong shoulder line runs from the top of the headlight to the tail light.

At the back, there's a prominent rear spoiler on the boot door, while the tail gate is headlined by another Peugeot design feature - tail lights with three 'claw' style lighting elements.

Inside, the 308 has undergone a heavy transformation. The dashboard integrates some of Peugeot's newest infotainment and display technology. The cockpit is, without a doubt, a classy place to spend time. The layered dashtop cascades forward like a wave, overhanging lovely aluminium or fabric sections, with welcoming LED lighting (from Allure trim level)

The 308 is the first car to feature the brand's new logo, and no better car to choose, it just finishes it !


The New Peugeot 308 lets you choose from:

1.6 Petrol Hybrid (180BHP or 225BHP) 

1.5 Diesel (130BHP)

1.2 Petrol (110BHP or 130BHP)


We cannot wait to finally see the New Peugeot 308 after all of the waiting, it will be a good one for sure :-)