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Peugeot 208, Car of the Year 2020

March 05, 2020

30 cars, 7 finalists, 1 winner.... 

Monday March 2nd this french supermini went over to Geneva and brought the trophy home!


The motoring equivalent of the Oscars, the award is now entering its 57th year and is judged by a panel of 60 motoring journalists from across Europe, who this year made their call on a list of over 30 new models arriving on the market this year.

The small Peugeot, which offers a full-electric version, collected 281 points and 17 individual top votes. With 242 points and the same number of best votes, the electric car Tesla Model 3 was second, while the last place in the podium was also for an EV, the Porsche Taycan, with 222 points. The rest of the finalists for the award were the Renault Clio (211 points), Ford Puma (209), Toyota Corolla (152) and BMW 1-series (133)

What swayed the jury is the Peugeot’s ability to offer not just petrol and diesel drivetrains in the 208, but also a battery-electric drivetrain with the facility for high current charging thrown into the price.

In the end only you can decide which is your winner, but for Coty it’s the Peugeot which takes the trophy, And we think it’s a worthy car of the year.!

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