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Thanks for the Business !!!

August 15, 2017

Thankfully I have lot of great customers! Loyal walking talking advertisements for Kevin Egan Cars,

One of them is Mustafa Buk, himself and his wife Adina collected their Land Rover Discovery Sport from us Friday Afternoon.

Nothing unusual about that, however it’s how we arrived at this point that makes me proud.  We all have been looking for one of these cars for at least 6 months, Mustafa kept persisting calling, Texting and ringing “any news boss?”.

Mustafa owns BEST Kebabs on Castle street, he runs a really good business, to make him understand how difficult it was for me to find one of these I told him “me looking for one of these, is a bit like me going to your kebab shop and asking for a Chicken Szechuan ”, I’m a car dealer but I don’t deal in high end vehicles no more than he’s a Chinese take away, But he still wanted to do business with me.

A week had passed and I hadn’t heard anything from my Turkish friend when the phone rang, he found the exact car he wanted himself , with excitement in his voice he says “I found the car,  talk to the salesman and you buy the car for me” he passed the phone to the sales person in another dealership (Stuarts in Dublin) and within in a few hours I had a deposit paid on his behalf.

Mustafa could have easily dealt with Brendan in Stuarts direct but he respected the time I put into trying to find him a car, and more importantly he wanted to keep his business local as he knows only too well how important that is, however he still didn’t roll over and pay his deposit he still squeezed me for every last penny out of the deal!  but he was entitled to do it for his loyalty.  

Mustafa, Adina, we wish you the very best of luck with your new purchase, thank you for the business and we wish you every success with BEST Kebabs, anyone reading this post after a night in Lola’s why not go in and see Mustafa and his staff and see can he rustle ye up a chicken curry, tell him Kevin sent you :-)