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Kevin Egan Cars, Sligo Announced Franchised Aftersales Operation of the Year 2019
March 01, 2019
Kevin Egan Cars, Sligo MAIN PEUGEOT Dealer for the North-West, has been awarded the prestigious title of Franchised Aftersales Operation of the Year 2019. The award was presented to Kevin Egan, Dealer Principal and Kyle Kane, Aftersales Manager at t...
November 21, 2018
Kevin Egan Car Sales, Main PEUGEOT Dealer for Sligo, has been awarded the title of PEUGEOT Accessory Dealer of the Year. In recognition of excellence in Accessory sales performance in 2018, the presentation was made to Kevin Egan, Dealer Principal an...
November 14, 2018
Gowan Distributors Limited, PEUGEOT Importer in Ireland, has released prices and specification for the radical new 508 fastback. Boasting the latest-generation PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® and a sharper, sleeker design than its predecessor, the much-antici...
Open Evening at Kevin Egan Cars, Sligo, November 16th from 4pm to 8pm
November 09, 2018
The new Peugeot Range really does have a model to suit everybody no matter what stage you’re at. From the 108 and 208 city cars, the sporty 308 hatchback, the stylish new 508 saloon (due to be released for 191) and then there’s the impres...
First January as a Franchised Dealer
February 12, 2018
Q1. Kevin first of all congratulations on completing your first January as a newly appointed Peugeot Dealer! How was your first January in NEW car sales?   I’m not going to lie, it was a busy start for Kevin Egan Cars, busier than I ...
Exciting News We Can FINALLY Share!
October 01, 2017
We have some exciting news we can FINALLY share with you! We’re about to embark on what was inevitably the next step of the Kevin Egan Cars Journey. Earlier this summer we started developing a 3-acre site which we purchased 200 metres from ou...
Thanks for the Business !!!
August 15, 2017
Thankfully I have lot of great customers! Loyal walking talking advertisements for Kevin Egan Cars, One of them is Mustafa Buk, himself and his wife Adina collected their Land Rover Discovery Sport from us Friday Afternoon. Nothing unusual abo...
Do Retail Customers Really Save Money Travelling to the UK for Cars ?
June 21, 2017
I've regularly imported cars on a weekly basis for the last 6 years now, and yes it's been made a lot easier to do so in the last few months. Last week driving from Dublin I couldn't help but notice a lot of yellow plates on the road! Cl...
European Kickboxing Champion REVIEWING the European Car of the Year  3008 Review
June 15, 2017
  When the "European Car of the Year" met the "European Kickboxing Champion"   As a (he tells me) valued customer of Kevin Egan Cars and with Kevin sponsoring my kickboxing daughter, Kevin asked us to review the ...
Breaking up with Carzone, Is there plenty more sales in the sea?
May 03, 2017
It’s been 7 years, 7 months, 7 days & I’m going to say 7 hours to make it look dramatic, all the 7’s is a coincidence but that’s how long Kevin Egan Cars was on Carzone, it was my longest and best partnership and it will t...
Diary of a Junior Sales Executive! Chapter 2
March 10, 2017
Well well well, it’s been an interesting few months since my last blog. A lot of changes, a lot of improvements and of course, a few more “whoops” along the way but that comes with the job, Right? My college results landed mid-way ...
My First, First Quarter In Car Sales
February 08, 2017
So, it is the end of April and its only now that I’m getting a moment to write about how I got on in my first, first quarter in car sales. It’s an accurate representation of how busy I have been. Along with 7 exams in the second stage of ...
How We Sell
January 01, 1970
How we Sell has changed so much since I started in the motor trade, I remember every Monday getting the newspaper adverts ready for print, some weeks we’d even be Cocky and advertise a few cars with “Sold” instead of a price, just ...

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