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Brakes & Fluid at Kevin Egan Cars, Sligo


Our Car Service Centre, offer quick and easy brake inspections from our friendly and professional mechanics. We highly recommend that brakes are checked at least twice a year. Stop and think - Sudden brake failiure is a nightmare scenario for any driver, yet despite this over 25% of Irish cars have faulty or deficient braking systems. Regular brake checks can identify problems before they impact on the braking efficiency of your car and will ensure that you can enjoy ease of mind and trouble free motoring.

The brakes are the most important part of your car when it comes to safety. If you notice any of the following warning signs:

• Steering wheel vibrating when you brake.

• A noticeable difference in the brake pedal (hard/soft/spongy).

• Slow response from the pedal or a longer stopping distance.

• ABS or Brake lights flashing on the dashboard.

• A metallic scraping noise.

• Handbrake not as effective as before.


Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid: The braking system is one of the cars hydraulic systems and as such it needs fluid to function properly.  Normally brake fluid is checked during a service, or at a specific brake testing, but if your brake fuel level is low and/or does not stay ‘topped up’, you may have a leak. We are pleased to check the level and condition of the brake fluid in your car, so that you may continue stress free driving.  


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