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You might be tempted to delay your car service, or even not bother at all. Think again! Cutting back on essential maintenance and repair is not the money saving exercise that it may appear. Having your car serviced regularly pre-empts more expensive problems, keeps the car working smoothly and economically ensuring that you and your family are safe on the road.




• Maintain's car to the manufacturers specification 

• Keeps your investment safe and help's to hold its value for resale 

• To minimize unwanted costs in the future that could be caused by lack of servicing

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A service is needed once a year or 15,000KM which ever comes first. This will rotate between full and interim service, again on a yearly or mileage basis. Interim or annual service would be replacing oil and pollen filter where as a full service would require air and fuel filter on top on this. At Kevin Egan cars our team of experienced mechanics can carry out the following:

• Carry Out Full Service & Checks

• Replace Oil & Pollen Filter(Interim Service)

• Replace Oil,Fuel, Air & Pollen Filters(Full Service)

• Check Front & Rear Brakes

• Adjust Handbrake 

• Check Lights & Levels

• 50 Point Vehicle Health Check

• Vehicle Diagnostic check

• Check Tyres

• Check Brakes


Service Centre Details

Call 071 915 4442


  • Qualified, dedicated staff
  • Only authorized work carried out
  • Work logged with National Service Database
  • Only High-quality parts used.
  • State of the art diagnostics used


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